Not to be confused with Sabu (who doesn’t get anywhere near as much credit as he deserves for changing the landscape of wrasslin’).

This week’s proof of too much free time: Zabu.

I should have made a post-battle Zabu who–because of wounds received in combat–has to wear one of those cone-around-the-neck things from the vet. Actually…now that I’ve typed that I really want to go mod that.

Ingredients: Zabu’s base body is a D&D miniature Guenhwyvar slapped with liberal coats of orange and yellow acrylic paint. His big teefs were swiped from…from, uh…I have no idea. I’m guessing I went hunting through my giant bin of Mage Knight/D&D figures looking for some random beastie with big choppers. If you can eyeball what figure they’re from you’re insane.

BREAKING NEWS! We have a new bronze medal winner for least-work custom figure. Congrats to Zabu for edging out Conan and joining our silver (Grodd) and gold (Ursa Major) medal winners up on the dias. Hmmm, I sense a theme at work here. (Hint: none of them wear pants.)

The Savage Land might be the craziest f*cking zip code in comics. I offer as proof the above pic: blond Tarzan’s sabretooth tiger jumping off a cliff to tackle the mutated man-turned-into-hypnotic-pterosaur named after the badguy from Lord of the Rings. FUN FACT: Everyone in that photo is drunk.

Random Zabu from around the interwebs:

First up, a Ka-Zar cover gallery full of sabretooth tiger goodness. Then we have a Calvin & Zabu cartoon, an essay of Zabu’s internal monologue and a jaw-dropping piece of Frank Cho art. Man, looking at that guy’s art makes me forget about all the bad stuff goin’ around these days…if he’s a good a person as he is an artist we should crown him King of Earth. Anyway, here’s another custom Zabu Heroclix.