Ursa Major

I wonder how that above scene ranks on the Hulk’s “weird day” scale? What is it, maybe a six out of ten? Seven…? It’s a bear holding his arms behind his back while a guy in armor gives him the business. FUN FACT: It would only rank a four on my weird scale.

Anyway, the Soviet Super Soldiers. They’re like a Russian Avengers/X-Men hybrid team, but instead of a Norse God of Thunder or adamantium-laced killing machine they have a bear. A mutant bear. I love Marvel.

There’s Vanguard, who can pull a Unus and repel any object with his mutant power. His sister Darkstar can do Green Lantern-like stuff with black “dark force” energy. Crimson Dynamo, who likes vodka more than Iron Man and finally, Ursa Major, who drew the short stick of mutant powers by being able to transform into a bear. While that would kick ass in the real world, his phone probably doesn’t ring whenever Galactus invades the Marvel U. “The Devourer of Worlds is coming! Quick, someone get a bear!”

Impressive sculpt, right…? Thanks, I had next to nothing to do with it. Ursa here is just a D&D Miniatures Werebear. The extent of my painting was doing his nails (FAAABULOUS!). Forget that, though, check this out: live-action Ursa Major vs. the Hulk. Prepare for crazy!

This might actually beat out Conan for least-modded custom I ever tried to take credit for. I wasn’t even looking to make an Ursa Major figure (no one is), but when searching D&D miniatures for a gorilla to make a custom Grodd, I stumbled across the werebear. I ordered one, chopped off his ax (what kind of pussy werewolf bear needs an ax?) and voila, mutant Russian bear superhero. It was like Christmas.

Ingredients: Laziness.

And that’s that. Some Random Soviet Super Soldiers stuff below, custom Ursa Major Heroclix dial here.

More Soviet Super Soldiers here (Vanguard) and here (Darkstar).

Old school Titanium Man cartoon.

Cool stylized Soviet Super Soldier fan art.

Russian MiniMates.

Neat SSS avatar guys.

And finally, you know that creepy little dude inside the Titanium Man armor, the Gremlin? Here’s a custom Marvel Legend. It’s super disturbing and will live inside your eyes forever. Don’t click the link.


7 Responses

  1. I thought I recognized that bear.

    Nice job, as always. I like the 3 angle shots of the figures.

  2. “I thought I recognized that bear.”

    That line is made awesomer if you say it in a gravely Clint Eastwood voice while loading a shotgun.

  3. I posted this in the message boards over at SaveHeroClix.com and thought I’d reprint it here.


    …the index card/Krazy Glue trick is pretty simple, though a couple things first:

    1) Try it out on scrap figs first just to get a feel for it.

    2) Use a breathing mask or, at the very least, keep the room well-ventilated and don’t hover over the figure with your face close to the gluing area. Krazy Glue fumes, over time, can mess with you. If you have any respiratory issues, you may wanna think twice about attempting any of this.

    And that’s one to grow on!

    Anyway, here’s the poop:

    Choose what you wanna make, cut a piece of index card paper roughly the size of the item and start holding it up to/pressing it against the figure so you can better judge the required size. Unless you want sharp folds, shape the paper over a concave surface (like a pen) to give it a curve. Use a pencil to make marks on the paper where you need to make alterations, an x-acto blade comes in handy here for detailing.

    When you have it sized the way you want, use a small dot of Elmer’s to hold the paper in place on the figure (small as in pin prick of Elmer’s). When you’re happy with the way it looks, squeeze a small drop of Krazy Glue onto the paper, which it will absorb. Use small tears of paper towel–rolled into small stubs–to blot excess glue. When it dries, the paper will have absorbed all the glue and become a sort of polymer. Once dry, you’ll be able to whittle the paper as if it were an extension of the figure.

    If you’re looking to Krazy Glue a piece of index card to another index card, DON’T do the Krazy Glue trick until all the paper is positioned the way you want it. Krazy Glue doesn’t always stick to Krazy Glue. Use the Elmer’s to hold all the pieces in place, and once the table’s set, BLAMMO!, hit it with the Krazy stuff.

    Depending on what you’re making, you may wanna use thicker paper or thin cardboard. Me, I apply a thin layer of Elmer’s to an index card, stick it to another and squash it between two books (protected by plastic). Repeat until desired thickness. That sounds dirty. Let any index cards glued this way fully dry before using.

    One sheet of index is what I use for costume detailing (logos, separation of colors, etc.), two sheets go into sturdier, semi-self standing elements (like Vanguard’s shoulder pads), while capes require a thickness of four or more.

    Hope that helps. A friend suggested I do a detailed “How To” on my blog and I’m slowly putting that together. Stopping every step and taking pictures is taking longer than I thought, especially since I’m an atrocious photographer.

  4. That Darkstar is really sweet. And I was about to say Ursa Major is incredible until I realized you just yanked the axe out of a bear’s hands. Heh. Still better than I could ever do. And great pick for a team. When’s the Squadron Supreme showing up?

  5. I actually made a Squad member to flesh the roster out to six. There are WizKids-produced figures for Hyperion (Supes), Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Speed Demon (Flash), Dr. Spectrum (GL) and Nighthawk (Batman). I’ll post that sixth custom member more sooner than later.

    And as cool as the original Squadron Supreme mini series was (as well as the first half dozen+ issues of the JMS stuff), I’ve always preferred them as badguys.

    Squadron Sinister FTW!

  6. You know, in Russia, YOU go through the BEAR’S garbage looking for food.

    And I think Darkstar’s head is Wonder Woman from Icons.

  7. …yeah, I think that’s right, WW (Icons) looks to be Darkstar’s kisser. Good call, thanks.

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