I’m in the middle of a move and crunched for time. Quick pics, short write ups, this week’s a blur.


I’ve never understood why, when making certain figures, WizKids went with super obscure incarnations of characters. My custom Eclipso (above) is the classic version while the Eclipso offered as part of the Cosmic Justice Heroclix set was his shirtless trenchcoat look…

…maybe that’s the control art that was supplied by DC? Ech, it sucked.

Ingredients: The good news is that Cosmic Justice Eclipso figure supplied a great head (almost a dirty sentence) for modding, which I slapped on a Green Lantern body (Cosmic Justice). Costume trimmings are index card paper hardened by Krazy Glue, detailed with acrylic paint and hit with some light matte (cover the diamond when spraying!). That itty-bitty Eclipso diamond is a piece of translucent blue plastic nicked from some random plastic HeroClix figure (Wonder Man/Mutant Mayhem?). Adding to what’s become a custom while discussing my, uh…customs, I’m drawing a blank on part of my Eclipso recipe. His hands. What figure did I swap them from? I’d be pretty impressed if someone could identify ‘em. A bright shiny quarter awaits you.

BREAKING NEWS: I just killed a centipede in my bathroom the size of a mustache, one of these horrible f*cking things…

…I grabbed a wet paper towel, mashed it against the wall, dropped the still-flailing mess into the toilet and ker-FLUSH, the world is a better place. It’s what Conan must feel like after he kills some giant terrible monster.

…and that’s it. I’m outta here to go pack.



Random Eclipso from around the web

Slick as pig snot custom DCUC Elipso.

And finally, some neat Eclipso fan art, both in b&w and color.