The Fixer

You know what the Fixer can’t fix? The color scheme of his costume. Blue and green…? Mmmm, those colors go together like peanut butter and tunafish. Even the Hulk had the decency to go with green and purple.

Nothing like a mild character assassination to build interest in a figure you’re about to devote a column to, eh? Let’s fix that…

Better known these days as Techno from the Thunderbolts, Norbert Ebersol’s early claim to fame was as the super genius Fixer, gadget-maker extraordinaire and former Master of Evil. He’s like MacGyver, but with a mean streak and a poor fashion sense.

Normally I’d go right into side and back views of the figure, but as I’m writing this I’m thinking most people aren’t familiar with this version of the character, back from when he’d hang with the Masters of Evil. So, in an effort to convey the evil mastermindness that is the Fixer, let’s take a quick look at him in action doing what he does best…

That’d be a pretty awkward f*cking moment for Absorbing Man to walk in. Or maybe not, him being an ex-con and all.

Moving on…

Half the time our boy Norbert here was drawn with a more boxy harness, kinda like the cardboard robot costume you made back in third grade. Trouble is that wasn’t the reference I pulled when I put this guy together at the request of a friend. I wish I had…the square vest/harness look is a bit corny, but at least it’s different from the standard “guy with vest” theme. Ah well, maybe I’ll revisit this fig and make a box version one day.

Ingredients: Fixer’s body came courtesy of Lobster Johnson (IndyClix), his pistol from an A.I.M. Agent (Clobberin’ Time) and his vest is a piece of index card hardened with Krazy Glue. Assorted gadgety stuff (holsters, pouches, tubes, etc.) were swiped from military figures (mostly S.H.I.E.L.D. agents) and small bits of chopped Mech Warrior ‘Clix. A coat of acrylic paint, some matte finish spray and he’s off to the races. Custom Fixer dial here.

I love the sculpt on that Wrecker figure. I can’t decide if he looks crazy pissed and ready to smash or crazy happy that he’s about to smash.

Wow, not much in the way of Fixer anything out there on the interwebs. Normally I post some custom action figures, fan art or cosplay stuff, but my internet search came up with the big donut for my boy Norbert. There was this YouTube video, but…I don’t get it.

What I did find out is that there’s a band called “Mentallo & the Fixer.” Crazy, right? More info on them here.

The Melter

Ah yes, a supervillain from the era of comics where badguys were direct and to the point with their intentions. The Wrecker? He wrecked things. The Collector? He collected things. The Melter? He…actually, he “loosened the bond between molecules,” so it wasn’t technically melting. Eh, close enough so it counts and—unlike some supervillains—it’s an easy enough power to explain. I still have no idea what Mr. Sinister does.

Anyway, the Melter. A friend asked me to whip one up for our gaming group so I did some digging for costume reference. I was familiar with the character–he was an okay Iron Man villain–but not so much that I could do his outfit from memory. “He looks like the Living Laser, just oranger.” Some poking around online and HOLY SH*T, HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THE MELTER’S ORIGINAL COSTUME?!?

…dear God, he could be the spokesman for crazy in that outfit. Props to Shellhead in that pic, tho. Even with a full-head helmet he looks completely freaked out. And kinda badass. He should think about a suit of sleeveless armor, show off them muscles. “Hey Madame Masque, you like dogs, right?” *flexes* “Then check out THESE bitches!” How am I not writing an Iron Man monthly? Anyway, the custom Melter…

Always wear protective goggles, insulated gloves and striped pants when melting.

Ingredients: The Melter started life as a Wrecker Heroclix (Ultimates) with small bits of index card paper–hardened by Krazy Glue–used for minor detailing (shoulder pads, stripes on his pants, etc.)…

…his noggin came courtesy the Intergang Medic (Hypertime) and the chest harness from…ah, crap. Back when I was working on customs every week I could pretty much eyeball any mod and decode ‘em, but I’m outta practice. Is that the chest harness from the U-Men (Mutant Mayhem)? Eh, if you can figure it out, drop some knowledge in the comments section at bottom. Some acrylic paint, a light spritz of matte and Johnny Stripedpants was in the books. Custom Melter dial here.

That ice cream truck is going to put itself out in the most delicious way imaginable.

Not too much in the way of Melter stuff out there in the web. Here’s a pretty slick custom Marvel Legend Melter (I think that’s an ML). He’s in the list of supervillains on the right of that website. BONUS: here’s the Melter pantsing Iron Man.