Those are Ugly Curtains

An albino werewolf supervillain astronaut.

Was it mad-libs day over at the Marvel Bullpen? The only way Man-Wolf gets more bizarre is if he were the relative of some established Spider-Man supporting character. Or if he was also a cowboy.

*saloon goes quiet as cowboy man-wolf walks in, a glass shatters on the floor*

“I’m a-lookin’ for the man that shot my paw…”

And that’s only the FIRST issue!

Anyway, this week’s little choking hazard, Man-Wolf.

I’m surprised WizKids never got around to making this guy. He’s a Spidey villain AND a monster. All he needs is to be made of candy and he’d hit the little kid trifecta.

I struggled with giving Man-Woof here a wash. I tried black over his white fur, but maybe I should have painted him black and then hit him a white dry brush. If anybody has any tips (or a good link on this type of thing), it’d be mighty keen if you could toss it in the comments section below.

Ingredients: All the heavy lifting was done by the base body, a Hyena HeroClix figure (Legacy). Thin strips of index card cut to shape and hardened by Krazy Glue supplied the costume trimmings, an x-acto blade did away with any stray tufts poking through his space suit. A coat of acrylic paint followed by a quick black wash to tone down the white, some matte finish and BOOM!, Spidey has a platinum blond werewolf to play with. Custom Man-Wolf dial here.

You know what’s crazy? A werewolf disguising himself as a mummy. Check out these covers…

Who Dat Mummy


Man-Wolf Dial

Some odd Man-Wolf stuff out there on the the internets.

On a Home & Gardens site (what?) I found this lawn statue. Over at the YouTubes I found what looks to be one in a series of Spider-Man villain tutorials. And finally, someone made a Man-Wolf Marvel Legend custom decked out in his crazy Stargod outfit. Not content to be an albino werewolf supervillain astronaut, Man-Wolf upped the ante and became a telepathic champion of an alien planet. I didn’t make up any of that last sentence.