Bright yellow and blue. The color scheme of Hellcat‘s costume always struck me as odd–a yellow and blue cat?–but it wasn’t until I typed the above headline that it occurred to me that it may have been designed that way to avoid a potential legal headache with DC’s Catwoman. Or maybe the editor just liked yellow. Regardless, let’s get to this week’s minimalist modding…

As far as customs go, this may be the least-modded figure I ever tried to take credit for. All I did was take the standard Hellcat figure (Ultimates) and reverse the color scheme to her classic outfit. Custom Hellcat dial here.

Acrylic paint, a light coat of matte sealant and she was in the books. If you’ve ever played with the idea of customizing a miniature but you were hesitant to test the waters, modding Hellcat to her classic look makes for a good trial run. There’s no part-swapping or fine line work (though you can get fancy and use different reds and oranges for the hair). It’d call for minimal investment of time and money so if the process bores you, eh, no biggie. If you dig it, next step is modding a life-size Ego the Living the Planet.

I used an Avengers cover up top, but the team Hellcat’s most associated with are the Defenders, so I gathered some assorted Non-Team stuff from around the web:

Badass Hulk tattoo

Namor pool party

Monkey Defenders

Important PSA (NSFW language