The Brain

I make that same face whenever I take a shot to the yambag.

So anyway, Earth-2 Grimace here is the worst McDonald’s mascot ever. The good news is that if he ever goes on a rampage you could just shine a laser pointer at his see-through skull and fry his brain. Or at least make him forget math. So who is this guy and does he look any less ridiculous when shown in the proper context…?

…nope, he still looks like a wad of Hubba Bubba crossed with an evil Muppet. So here’s the deal: A fellow Heroclix player asked me to make him a custom “Gene-Grafted Brain” figure, I agreed (even though I had never heard of the character) and poked around online to see who he was. Turns out he’s the Brain, that DCU brain-in-a-jar villain that usually hangs out with Monsieur Mallah. See, in JLA: Year One the Brain gets tired of life in a fish bowl and steals body parts from a bunch of the Justice League. Sucks for all superheroes involved BUT the Flash got it especially bad…the Brain swiped his junk along with his legs. Ten bucks says Green Lantern is hoping the Brain is a lefty.

Ingredients: All parts are scavenged Heroclix figures unless otherwise noted. Base body is a Hydra agent (Sinister), right arm is Count Neferia (Mutant Mayhem), the brain/fishbowl is a Psimon (Crisis), left hand comes courtesy King Shark (Justice League) and that little “GL energy glow” is a piece of plastic whittled off a Fire figure (Collateral Damage). For his open maw I had to go digging through some non-Heroclix figures until I found the perfect screaming mouth: a Mage Knight Rattle Tail figure (Pyramid)…

The lumpy, gooey effect on the purple portion of his body is made by tearing small bits of toilet paper (like, quarter the size of a postage stamp) and sticking them to the body with a pinprick of Elmer’s. Tinier pieces were used for smaller areas of the body (jaw, hand, etc.). When that was all done I added some BB-sized lumps of TP to his body, held ’em in place with a small dot of Elmer’s and then shaped them into tubers, tumors and veins with a modeling tool. Fun! Some drops of Krazy Glue hardened that mess, then a few coats of acrylic paint, some matte sealer (avoid any translucent parts!) and this sucker was in the books…

That random piece of debris sticking up on the base was added because I mounted this figure on an old school Heroclix dial, the kind where you have to grip the figure to spin it (which NECA brought back with HoT…why, WHY?!?). That way you can grip the debris when spinning the dial and not mess up the figure. The debris was swiped from a Ragman ‘Clix (Collateral Damage). And that’s that. Custom Gene-grafted Brain dial

This is normally where I post some links to other fan-made things based on the blog’s subject, but not much in the way of Gene-grafted Brain stuff out there. Go figure.