The Son of Satan

Satanism, the Antichrist, demonic imagery…you know the most shocking thing on this cover? A twenty-cent price tag. Nowadays you can’t even get a CrossGen back issue for that.*

So yeah, the ’70s Marvel landscape was nuts. “Son of Satan…?” And in case his name was too subtle, that’s a giant silver pentagram on his chest. How does this guy NOT have a ride at Universal Islands of Adventure?

Anyway, Daimon Hellstrom

Hmmm, well, he looks nice and moody/shadowy, but for the sake of inspecting this mod let’s get the flash on the camera cranked up to an eleven…

…there we go.

Ingredients: All parts are swiped from Heroclix figures unless otherwise noted. Base body is Bullseye (Sinister), Quicksilver head (Armor Wars), Dr. Fate cape (unleashed) and a trident from…Black Manta? Namor? It’s gotta be one of those underwater guys. I get the whole Poseidon thing, but enough with giving every Aquaman and Namor toy a trident already. When was the last time Aquaman showed up to a fight with a trident? RANT! RANT! RANT! Y’know, that trident might actually be from a Mage Knight or D&D mini…it’s been a few years since I built this guy, I’m blanking.

The pentagram on Son of Satan’s chest was one of the bigger hurdles to clear. To keep the lines straight, I x-acto’d a small circle from a piece of an index card then gave it a razor-thin edge in the form of a second layer of index card (held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s). I then laid thin strips of index card in the shape of the pentagram (more Elmer’s) and positioned it on his chest (Elmer’s again). Using sculpting tools, I gently pressed down on the symbol, trying the best I could to get it to follow the contours of his chest. When I was happy with it, a small drip of Krazy Glue locked that sucker in place and hardened the paper. Acrlic paint, some matte spray and TA-DA!, Disney presents the Son of Satan! Custom Son of Satan dial here.

Eh, I’d give myself like a B-, maybe a C on this figure. I built this guy a few years ago and back then I‘d whip up a bunch of customs in one shot to surprise my group. That’s the case with the Son of Satan here…I modded him along with a bunch of other Defender D-listers and–racing the clock–had to cut some corners to have ‘im ready in time. Booo, me. He’s missing the strap for his cloak (or maybe he doesn’t need one: since he’s shirtless, it just sticks to his sweat! ew), plus I should have given him his “horns,’ the wavy cowlicks in his hair. I don’t mod much anymore, but when I do I take my time, no more rush jobs, no more cowlick-less customs outta me. Honest.

Some other Hellstrom stuff from around the web: first up, a custom Mego Son of Satan, then there’s a neat piece of stylized Daimon Hellstrom art, a wicked Son of Satan Mighty Mugg and finally, a Son of Satan cover gallery (scroll down, his adventures start with #12…they should have waited one issue!).

*yes you can