How evil is Grodd? He’s a super-intelligent gorilla that knows he should wear pants…but doesn’t. Or maybe his hyper-genius IQ has deduced something about pants the rest of us don’t know?

I’m writing the rest of this blog pantsless just to be sure.

On to this week’s time waster…

Ingredients: Sitting on the couch and watching ‘The Soup.’ Yep, that’s about it. So little work went into making this custom that I should turn in my HeroClix secret decoder ring. All I did was grab a D&D miniatures Dire Ape, slap some Grodd-colored acrylic paint on ‘im and BAM!, easy-bake evil monkey mastermind. Custom Grodd dial here.

BREAKING NEWS: Grodd has just dethroned Conan as my silver medal of least-customized custom, narrowly missing out on unseating reigning champ Ursa Major. Can I do less work and create a new gold medalist?!? I’ll get right on it.

*sits on couch, turns on TV, itches junk*

I should make a custom Titano. And by “make” I mean “go to Toys R Us, buy a six-inch plastic gorilla and claim I made a Titano custom.” My weekend plans are set!

Random Grodd from the web

The proud tradition of gorillas in comics.

Grodd ties a cruise ship to a bunch of pterodactyls and flies off with it (jump to 3:11 for the madness).

And finally, while it’s not Grodd, here’s a cake shaped like a fire-breathing gorilla driving a tank.