Werewolf by Night

Man, I don’t even know where to start with that cover. Werewolves on the moon? That’s a good idea (I guess he’d get double-awesome full moon powers), but he should have at least put a shirt on. Or maybe since he’s on the moon his werewolf powers mean he doesn’t need a jacket in the cold vacuum of space…? That’s crazy. Then there’s the whole Dracula angle. ‘Astronaut Vampire’ should be a movie. What we can learn fro this: NASA wouldn’t have any budget problems if Neil Armstrong had walked into this sh*t when taking his first step.

Anyway, this week’s contribution to the interwebs: Werewolf by Night.

“Jack Russell.” That’s the secret identity of Marvel Comics’ resident werewolf superhero. “Jack Russell.” Y’know, I read that for years without batting an eye until I heard someone say it out loud. “Jack Russell,” as in “terrier.” The wolf guy has a canine name. Comics are the best.

If I was a werewolf I’d be significantly less PC. No pants on this *points two thumbs at self* lycanthrope. Who’s gonna say anything?

Ingredients: Beast body (Xplosion), tattered shirt and cuffs are small bits of index card shaped by x-acto and hardened by Krazy Glue, acrylic paint & matte finish took it all home. Random tufts of hair were shaved off the legs so the pants had a smoother look. I’m writing about werewolf trousers. A new low. Moving along; custom Werewolf by Night dial here.

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