Zombie JLA

I hope Jimmy Olson picks now to use his signal watch.

So anyway. ZOMBIES! Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman, I done zombied up the Super Friends for Halloween. And man, if a zombie outbreak ever happens I’m dressing up as Batman. If I survive and rescue other humans, I would–for all intents and purposes–BE Batman in this brave new world. And if I die and become a zombie…? Almost as good, ’cause now I’m Bat-Zombie! A win/win scenario.

A’ight, lets get to the zombies…

Hard to peg down who would smell the worst out of this group. Wonder Woman? She is slinging around her lower intestine and who knows what kind of weird Greek food is sloshing around in there. Plastic Man? Decaying flesh + burned plastic sounds awful. My money’s on Aquaman and his “it’s not just the fish that are rotting” aroma. Good times.

• Zombie Batman •

My boyhood crush on Yvonne Craig made me feel kinda dirty when I was making Batgirl’s butchered corpse. Weird, right? On the other hand, I could make Robin roadkill all day long. Wheeeee, CHOP CHOP CHOP!

Zombie Batman (“Bat-Liche?”) isn’t a total dick. After killing and eating his junior partners (their legs were the best part!), Bats carries his now-undead sidekicks around when prowling Gotham for a snack. Then, when he spots something edible he just throws Zombie Batgirl & Robin at it and lets them get the first mouthful. Way to be a team player, Zombie Batman!

I’m guessing the Penguin–the plump, juicy Penguin–was the first Arkham inmate on the menu. I wanna see Jim Lee draw that:

A sweaty, panicked Penguin beating a limbless Zombie Robin with an umbrella. The Penguin would get the upper hand and then–in the moment just before victory–clutch his chest, fall forward and SPLAT!, right on the bitey Boy Wonder. Silence…then movement, the Penguin’s body shakes and SPLORCH, Zombie Robin pops out his back. Yay, he ate his way through…! He’s so resourceful.

Ingredients: Batman’s base body is a Dark Knight HeroClix figure (Collateral Damage) with a new left hand (Hercules/Infinity Challenge). I whittled out his lower face (everything below the cowl line) and replaced it with the misshapen, broken jaw of a Mage Knight Tomb Horror (Sinister). His dead sidekicks started out as standard HeroClix figures (Batgirl/Unleashed, Robin/Crisis), though Robin got a new head courtesy of a Mage Knight Gorgon (Pyramid). Custom Zombie Batman dial here.

Wounds & Rotting Flesh: I sketched out what I wanted each figure to look like and–when I wasn’t sure if it would translate well into a figure–I’d test it out on some scrap HeroClix. Once that was all sorted out the x-acto went to work, slicing off limbs and carving out bites. To create deep wounds, I used sculpting tools to drill into the figure. To give the exposed flesh a nice rotting look, I tore off tiny (like a quarter the size of a Chiclet) pieces of toilet paper and lined the inside and edges of every wound, holding them in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s. A small drop of Krazy Glue then hardened the mess (quickly absorb any excess glue with a small strip of paper towel). When that all dries, it’ll have a great ragged, raw look. That same trick can be used to make rips in costumes & capes. Acrylic paint then gored up the assorted boo-boos with shades of pink, purple and red, exposed skin got a wash of sickly green and costumes–depending on their color–got a wash of black or muddy brown. Protruding bones are just a small snip of plastic–a wrist, ankle or other small part of a random scrap figure.

• Zombie Superman •

“SuperCadaver, a strange cannibal from another planet with urges and appetites far beyond those of mortal men! SuperCadaver, who can chew the core of mighty rivals, rend skin with his bare hands and who, disguised as Corpse Kent, mild-mannered ghoul for a great metropolitan newspaper, eats a never-ending buffet of tooth, jaundice and the zombie way!”

Looks like Stargirl put up a pretty good fight before Superman crushed her into a meatball and mixed her with some Hamburger Helper. I bet it was chili cheese.

That big open wound looks better when the camera flash doesn’t illuminate the Man of Steel’s insides. “Better” is a subjective term.

I started putting small bits of translucent green plastic in his wounds–“kryptonite”–but with all the cuts, bruises, dirt and blood splatter, he was getting way too busy so I ditched ’em. All that red and green made him look like a Christmas tree.

I put a nice big hole in the back of his head, but we’re gonna need to try this without the camera flash…

Ingredients: Superman’s base body is a HeroClix figure (Justice League) with a new noggin courtesy a Mage Knight Zombie Centaur (2.0). The big nasty staff he’s impaled on was lifted from a Stargirl HeroClix figure (Legacy). Actually putting the staff all the way through the figure would be kind of a hassle, so I cut it in two, bored the entrance and exit wounds into the figure and then glued each end of the staff in separately. Custom Zombie Superman dial here.

For tips & tricks on zombified modding, see the “Wounds & Rotting Flesh” write up at the bottom of the Zombie Batman write-up.

• Zombie Wonder Woman •

Oh look, Wonder Woman pulled out her large intestine and is gonna lasso lunch. I find it difficult making new friends.

To get the texture on Amazombie’s intestinal lasso (fun sentence!), I used the toilet paper trick outlined at the bottom of the Zombie Batman entry. “Tedious” sums up the experience.

Disembowel-Cam close-up!

Ingredients: The body from the waist-down came courtesy a Wonder Girl HeroClix (Crisis), as did the arms and magic lasso. The upper body & hair are from a Wonder Woman HeroClix (Cosmic Justice) and the skull face was lopped off a Mage Knight Stinging Skeleton (Pyramid). Minor costume detailing (boot stripes, tiara, etc.) are thin strips of index card paper cut to shape, held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s and then hardened with a tiny drop of Krazy Glue. Custom Zombie Wonder Woman dial here.

For tips & tricks on zombified modding, see the “Wounds & Rotting Flesh” write up at the bottom of the Zombie Batman write-up.

• Zombie Flash •

This figure makes me laugh…I liked the idea of a super fast zombie that–since he had no arms–just runs around taking bites out of people. Look at this face:

HA, he looks like some kind of crazed zombie Pac-Man. I love it! I can picture a character in a comic facing the reader and talking, just a normal everyday scene, then a second panel–almost identical–but now there’s a bite in the character and they have a surprised look on their face. No one is safe from the fastest corpse alive!

Hey, check it out, Green Arrow got a shot in before Zombie Flash ate his face. I was actually gonna make a Zombie Green Arrow but didn’t get around to it in time for this Halloween blog post. The plan was for Ollie a quiver full of human arms (all with recognizable supehero sleeves & gloves), and he was gonna be notching an “arrow;” a Green Lantern arm with its glowing power ring at the tip. BONUS: he’d be a zombie with a Van Dyke. Win!

Ingredients: Base body is a Copperhead HeroClix (Origin) with a head lifted from a Mage Knight Marsh Zombie (Lancers). Arrows came courtesy Green Arrow (Crisis), random costume trimmings (belt, logo, yellow thingies on head) are bits of index card shaped and held in place by a pinprick of Elmer’s, then hardened by a small drip of Krazy Glue (blot the excess!). Custom Zombie Flash dial here.

For tips & tricks on zombified modding, see the “Wounds & Rotting Flesh” write up at the bottom of the Zombie Batman write-up.

• Zombie Hawkman •

I went back and forth on what Zombie Hawkman here was gonna look like. One idea had him–still just an upper torso–sprouting skeletal, featherless wings and walking around on his hands, but I felt it wouldn’t look enough like Hawkman. Plus it’s more fun to have some terrible bird zombie thing flying around and pecking at you from above. FUN FACT: Thanks to Zombie Hawkman’s open belly, instead of bird poop, bits of partially-chewed victim land on your windshield when he flies overhead. That’s, uh, that’s not to imply Hawkman sh*ts on people’s cars when he flies around the DCU. Or maybe he does, I haven’t read comics in awhile.

That little peg that plugs into the HeroClix base…? Yeah, I originally had it at the bottom of his pelvis, but, uh…yeah, that wasn’t a good look.

I tried sneaking small extra elements of the DCU into each figure and thought Robotman’s noggin worked pretty well for a replacement mace. Cliff Steele can’t catch a break…he’s in an accident that destroys almost everything that makes him human and then zombies show up.

“Sooo…what part of your body is still human, Robotman…?”

*HawkGhoul licks lips*

Ingredients: Base body is a Hawkman HeroClix (Origin) with a skeletal pelvis swiped from a Mage Knight Skeleton (Rebellion). Delicious, brain-filled Robotman head courtesy a Robotman HeroClix (Origin). Custom Zombie Hawkman dial here.

For tips & tricks on zombified modding, see the “Wounds & Rotting Flesh” write up at the bottom of the Zombie Batman write-up.

• Zombie Aquaman •

“Sometimes that Zombie Aquaman looks right at ya. Right into your eyes. And the thing about Zombie Aquaman is he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, he doesn’t even seem to be livin’… ’til he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… and then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin’. The ocean turns red, and despite all your poundin’ and your hollerin’ those zombies come in and… they rip you to pieces.”

The thinking behind this is to have AquaChum here flopping around like an actual fish out of water. Imagine him wriggling around the floor, squirming his way closer to you as his gnashes his teeth together. Fun! In related news, here’s a zombie fighting a shark…

Hey, check it out…Zombie Aquaman has summoned zombie fish to his aid! Stay gold, Zombie Aquaman.

Ingredients: Base body is a Piledriver HeroClix (Avengers) with a head donated by a Gambit HeroClix (Mutations & Monsters). The severed Black Manta head/sofa cushion is a HeroClix Black Manta (Hypertime). Costume trimmings (shirt scales, belt buckle, etc.) are small bits of index card cut to shape, held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s and hardened by a drip of Krazy Glue. Fish skeletons made the same way. Custom Zombie Aquaman dial here.

For tips & tricks on zombified modding, see the “Wounds & Rotting Flesh” write up at the bottom of the Zombie Batman write-up.

• Zombie Plastic Man •

I’m not a big Plastic Man fan (though his appearances on the Batman: the Brave & the Bold cartoon are winning me over). That said, Zombie Plas here might be my favorite of the DCU zombies (“DCUZ?”).

Ooops, the pointy bones in the Plastic Cannibal’s hand poked through his flesh and his rubbery skin peeled back like a popped ballon. Yuck.

What I like is the juxtaposition of the goofy/silliness of the Plastic Man character with gruesome zombie elements. Batman, Hawkman, guys like that are already fairly intimidating, so adding monstrous elements to those characters isn’t that far of a stretch. Not so much with Plas…it’s like the clown from It. Take something cute & innocent, slap some evil fangs on it or whatever and BAMMO!, triple creepy!

Ingredients: Base body is a Plastic Man HeroClix (HyperTime) with the arms repositioned to make him a bit more “COMIN’ ATCHA!” I lopped off Plastic Man’s head, chopped it in two and discarded his smiling lower jaw. Taking its place: the lower jaw of a Mage Knight Tormented Soul (Whirlwind), giving Zombie Plas a nice, evil maw. The right hand of a Man-Thing HeroClix (Mutant Mayhem) gave Plas a meaty, menacing hook, but it was the left hand of a Mage Knight Skull Golem (2.0) that put him over the top. Well, actually, it was the left hand and an extra finger from that Mage Knight figure. Seems that Bone Golems only have four fingers on each hand, so I had to add swipe an extra finger for Plas. To get that horrible flap of loose skin on his left wrist I cut the basic shape of what I wanted out of index paper, made sure it fit, then added crumpled bits of toilet paper, attaching them with pinpricks of Elmer’s. When I was happy with the way it looked, BLAMMO!, small drip of Krazy Glue to harden it. The batarangs sticking out of his side are small bits of index card (three sheets thick) cut to shape and then hardened with that same Krazy Glue trick. Custom Zombie Plastic Man dial here.

For tips & tricks on zombified modding, see the “Wounds & Rotting Flesh” write up at the bottom of the Zombie Batman write-up.

• Crisis on Infinite OM NOM NOM NOM

The Super Friends think you look delicious.

• Gallery •

Zombie Aquaman Dial Zombie Batman Dial Zombie Flash Dial Zombie Hawkman Dial Zombie Plastic Man Dial Zombie Superman Dial Zombie Wonder Woman Dial Zombie Cows Courage Wolf vs Zombies

More Superhero Zombie Madness:

Power Pack Marvel Zombies

Classic Marvel Zombies


Super minor mod here. I’m a fan of classic Aquaman…actually, “almost-classic Aquaman.” He could stand to lose those little black underpants. That sounds weird.

Eh, whatever, this week’s little plastic piece of disposable income…

Ingredients: Most of the heavy lifting was taken care of thanks to the WizKids Aquaman figure (Icons), then mix in a gloved right hand (Sidewinder/Ultimates) and a nifty splayed-finger left hand (Dove/Crisis). The cuff for the left hand is index card hardened by Krazy Glue and…y’know, I take back that “least amount of work” comment. To give Aquaman’s shirt a scaly look, I snipped itty-bitty bits of index card paper, stuck them to his upper torso with a pinprick of Elmer’s, then applied small drops of Krazy Glue to toughen ‘em up (blotting excess glue after each drop). Making that shirt was the opposite of fun. A couple coats of acrylic paint took it home. Custom Aquaman dial here.

I can’t look at the above pics without thinking of this.

Sometimes this blog tempts me with madness. When looking for some Aquaman-related figures to pose in these photos and finding only Aquaboy and Black Manta, I actually thought—if only for a moment—“I should build a custom Fisherman figure.” I honestly thought that. The freakin’ wader boots, uses-a-fishing-pole-for-evil Fisherman. Y’know, this guy…

If I ever mod that yahoo, it means my free time has reached critical mass and I should be ground into Soylent Green.

Random Aquaman from around the web

100% awesome custom gaslight Aquaman action figure (and the rest of the gaslight JLA here).

Aquaman on TV!
“Ask Aquaman” from The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
The live-action show that almost was (Ving Rhames was in that?).
Beware the terrifying (READ: adorable) “crew of fearsome manta men” working for Black Manta in this ‘60s cartoon (manta men madness starts at :28).

Come for the Aquaman cosplay, stay for Black Manta’s giant chrome head.

Fan made Aquaman cartoon strips:
Birthday Boy.
The Fish Signal.

Super cute do-it-yourself Aquaman cubee!

And finally, an entire Aquaman fan site devoted to the much maligned orange-shirted King of the Seven Seas.

The Atom

The Atom can’t break a light bulb?

What’s worse is the look on Doctor Light’s face. Given this guy’s track record, things might be getting a bit more unpleasant for our pal Ray Palmer as this scenario unfolds.

Anyway, this week’s plastic…

“Custom” might be too strong a word for this mod. He’s just a repaint of the standard ‘Clix figure (Origin) with minor detailing work, transforming the WizKids Ryan Choi figure into the classic Ray Palmer character.

Using an x-acto knife I shaved away all the detail work of the Choi costume and etched in new details for the Palmer version, gave him a fresh coat of acrylic paint and TA-DAH!, the bronze medal winner of least-work-mod to date, right behind silver medal winner Conan and the reigning champ Ursa Major. I’m a fraud. Custom Atom dial here.

Weird how WizKids never got around to making a Ray Palmer Atom. Yeah, they made that figureless dial figure (laws of grammar don’t apply here), but that doesn’t count. Then—as Ray Palmer fans were busy staring at the figureless Atom dial they just spent twenty bucks on—POW!, a second Atom-that-isn’t-really-the-Atom figure in the form of Ryan Choi. Awesome. Wizkids should have just gone all the way with it and sculpted him flipping the bird.

The real tragedy in all this…? HeroClix being discontinued before the F-U trifecta to Atom fans could be completed; I want that Sword of the Atom riding a bullfrog Atom (grammar rules still off). And I want that frog giving the finger.

"I'm the Atom. And you are...?"

Random Atom from the web

Cute, stylized Atom fan art.

ATOM COSTUME-A-PALOOZA! Ready…? Here he is in a parade looking drunk, now he’s harassing some DC editors, then it’s almost missing the JLA group photo and finally, squint to catch a glimpse of him on Hawkman’s shoulder.


Black Lightning

Electricity is what, the third most popular energy blast in the superhero biz…? Fire is first, then ice, and then electricity—maybe tying with lasers—for third. Out of all of those I’d go with ice. Less chance of electrocuting a friend or setting their house on fire when messing with ‘em. I should never get super powers.

Moving along, the topic this week: Black Lightning

Blaxploitation name aside, Black Lightning is a relatively new favorite of mine, mostly due to his appearance in Brad Meltzer’s JLA run. Cool character, compelling personal life and they FINALLY got him into a good costume. Yeah, it’s a little Lightning Lad-ish, but Black Lightning wears it better.

Ingredients: Base body is a…man, I am blanking on this one. I know the head is a Black Lightning (Collateral Damage) and those lightning blasts come courtesy Mary Marvel (Crisis), but the rest? Dunno. I seem to remember he was at least two figures; a lower torso from one fig, the upper torso of another. If you can lend a hand and name ‘em, toss the info in the comments section below. Costume trimming are index card held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s to hold it in lace and then hardened with Krazy Glue. Acrylic paint and matte spray sealed the deal. Custom Black Lightning dial here.

EDIT: Lower torso is probably a Nightwing (HyperTime) and special thanks to Mr. Nobody who, in the comments section, pointed out that the upper body is a Booster Gold (Origins).

Bonus twofer! The above Black Lightning is the second custom I’ve made of the character. Years back I made a mod based on BL’s original costume, lemme see if I can find a pic of it that is in no way dated or ridiculous…

…okay, in all fairness, once you get past that “jive turkey” line, take a closer look at the characters behind Superman. Caveman Woman? Cyrano de Bergerac? And is that Green Starfish Man? Jive turkeys indeed.

Anyway, old school Black Lightning…

Want some behind-the-scenes Black Lightning insanity? Click this.


Ingredients: Base body is a repainted Nightwing (Hypertime) with costume trimmings made with the same index card/glue trick outlined above. His afro is a small tear of TP rolled into a ball, pushed into place with modeling tools and hardened with a small drip of Krazy Glue.It also looks like a muffin top.

Assorted Black Lightning stuff from around the web

First—and most importantly—the “Superman Funeral” SNL sketch with Sinbad stealing the show as Black Lightning. Cool old school fan art. Modern Black Lightning, DC animated-style. And finally, two Black Lightning costumes, one taken at the start of the day when BL is full of pep and enjoying the comic convention and the other…well, it’s been a long day.