Rick Flag

The Suicide Squad: A government team of shadowy special operatives, each with a unique codename and costume that hints at their combat expertise.

Hmmm, where have I…

But he can get friction on a Trouble Bubble.

Yeah, the ‘Squad were G.I. Joe’ish, but there were two big differences: one, they were all baguys with explosive collars that blew their heads off if they went AWOL. Two, no Refrigerator Perry. Advantage: Suicide Squad.

Anyway, this week’s ray of sunshine, Rick Flag

Ingredients: Base body is a Skrull Infiltrator (Supernova) and…that’s where my memory goes off the rails. His head, right hand and holsters are all frankensteined from other Heroclix, but it’s been awhile since I built this sucker. I’m blanking on what figures those bits were lifted from…

Holster straps, wristwatch and Han Solo striped-pantsness are all thin strips of index card paper held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s and hardened with a lil’ Krazy Glue. Acrylic paint, some matte finish and it’s a wrap. Custom Rick Flag dial here.

He came out okay, though looking back at him now I think I should have chosen a different head for him, one with slightly bushier hair. I dig the pose, though…that Skrull Infiltrator figure is a great lil’ base body.

It's not cool to wave at the Kobra troops, Count Vertigo. You know they get in trouble if they wave back.

Some random ‘Squad from around the web:

Cool piece of Suicide Squad art.

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