Master Man

Painting a little swastika on a toy really makes you question your priorities. What am I doing with my life?

While working on Master Man—the Nazi version of Captain America—I figured that with my luck I’d have a heart attack, drop dead and the cops would eventually find me slumped over the figure. “Evidence at the scene would indicate he’s a white supremacist.” is how my hometown paper would report the incident. “And he played with dolls.”

The end.

Master Man was built for a friend of mine along with a handful of other characters from The Invaders comic series, but I kept putting him off. Painting that chest emblem made me feel kinda weird, though I gotta admit it’s only the second most uncomfortable I’ve felt when modding a figure. The most uncomfortable: the Son of Satan. Painting a big honkin’ pentagram on a little plastic Antichrist late into the night while the house creaks and settles…it’s no fun getting jumpy when you’re holding an x-acto.

That really is the worst jogging suit ever.

Ingredients: MM’s body started life as a Wrecker (Ultimates), his noggin was donated by Doc Samson (Xplosion) and his neck came courtesy of…some random Heroclix figure’s thigh. Costume trimmings (stripes, swastika, etc.) are bits on index card hardened with Krazy Glue, acrylic paint brings the mess to life, a coat of matte sealant and that be that. Custom Master Man dial here.

Random Master Man from around the web

Custom Master Man…something (?) for the HeroScape game system.

And…that’s about all the only Master Man presence I can find on the web. That’s probably a good thing. Anyway, here’s an awesome Invaders cover gallery.