Mr. Fantastic

People shouldn’t give monkeys super powers. Or at least wait until after I’m dead. I don’t want to have to deal with that. I don’t want to be the plaything of squirrel monkeys.

And hey, if you’ve never read the first three issues of Scott Lobdell’s FF, I highly recommend ’em. The best FF since Byrne.

Anyway, this week’s piece of hobby obsessivness , Mister Fantastic

There’s been a couple of Mr. Fantastic ‘Clix figures, but none that have made me happy. I built my custom in a rush (for a game of HeroClix the following day), and I wish I had taken more time with it, maybe given him the oversized hands from the ‘Clix Hydroman figure. Eh, I’ll go back in and eventually tweak ‘im.

Ingredients: Plastic Man body (Hypertime), neck, head & chest emblem from Mr. Fantastic (Clobberin’ Time), index card hardened by Krazy Glue for costume trimmings and a coat of unstable acrylic paint crosses the T’s and dots the I’s. Custom Mr. Fantastic dial here.


Random FF from around the web

Pop quiz: which Mr. Fantastic is more “I want to eat them” adorable…squishable blobby Reed or pencil stub Reed? And not to be outdone, here’s the entire FF looking super cute.

Cosplay Mr. Fantastic: need a hug?

The most minimalist FF art ever. I love it.

And finally, while the original Fantastic Four movie sucked, I still think their take on the Thing kicks ass over the Michael Chiklis version.