Black Condor

Black Condor

Hmmm…nope, never read a comic with this guy in it, but DAYAM, that’s a pretty badass character design. He’s like the toughest emo kid ever. I dig it.

So anyway, this week’s figure: Black Condor.

I wonder if makeup is considered “uncool” in superhero circles? Domino masks, full face masks, masks with your mouth and chin exposed, walk into a secret superhero HQ wearing any of those and no one gives it a second thought. But covering your eyes and jaw in makeup…? My guess is guys like Green Arrow would bust your balls.

Ingredients: All parts of this mod were cobbled together from HeroClix figures. Base body was a Falcon (Sinister), head was a Professor X (Infinity Challenge) and random costume elements (chest emblem, bicep straps, etc.) were thin strips or index card shaped with an x-acto, held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s and then hardened with a small drop of Krazy Glue. Mohawk, boot tops and shoulder thingies are small shreds of tissue paper rolled to shape between my fingers and then held in place/hardened with glue. Acrylic paint made the joint look presentable and a light coat of matte sealant took it home. Custom Black Condor dial here.

If anyone wants to know why I went with the modern version of the character over the original, let’s see what a GIS for “Golden Age Black Condor” churns up…

Who Needs a Hug

…yeah, that’s pretty magical.

Modern Black Condor in HeroClix action:

Black Condor Dial

Other Black Condor stuff from around the web:

Eh, couldn’t dig up much non-comic stuff on this version of BC, though I did find a pretty neat custom Black Condor action figure.