Ragdoll, the creepy, ‘Raggedy Andy’ contortionist of the DCU. A cold blooded murderer, a treacherous teammate, his body a patchwork of surgical scars…how could this little scamp NOT be a fan favorite? He’s like the little engine that could, but with MURDER! And a better costume.

This is actually the second time I’ve cobbled together a Ragdoll custom. The first (along with a Secret Six style Parademon) ended up in the collection of a ‘Six fan after she spotted ’em here on my blog. Woof, talk about no good deed going unpunished…you should have seen the looks on the faces of some in my gaming group when I broke the news. Turns out Secret Six-themed teams were popular, I teased them with the ability to go full-roster and then took it away. Yeah, comic fans can be a reasonable bunch when you mess with their plans. Anyway, I promised to make new customs for my gaming group and now, six months later (irony!) I finally got around to it. You can check out my second stab at a Parademon here.

Ingredients: I dug around for a thin, spindly body and came up with Ragman (Collateral Damage). His head came from…hmm, some bald dude. I’m guessing Ultimate Electro (Ultimates). His hands came courtesy of Dove (Crisis), and to—hopefully—convey the broken, loose feel of the character, the pose I went with required some figure support. The pillar from the Question (Origin) delivered the goods.

Lots of little detailing went into this bugger. Each strand of hair is a thin strip of index card paper twirled for that “perm” look, a pinpoint of Elmer’s used to hold it in place. Repeat until he had a full head of hair, shape the final style with tweezers and then PLOP, a drop of Krazy Glue hardened the whole mess. The same trick went into making his scarves. All the assorted stripes on his costume will make you want to push your expensive, fine-tip paintbrush through your eye and into your brain. Enjoy!

Custom Ragdoll Heroclix dial here.