Does any superhero get beat up on his own covers more than Superman? I guess he has it coming, him being the toughest superhero on the planet. What better way to illustrate how badass some villain is than by having him drop the Man of Steel? Sorry Supes, but covers are a sales gimmick and busting you in the mush is good for business. One of the top Kryptonian mush-busters: Metallo

Not really a whole lot in the way of a customization here, more like a slight mod to an existing Heroclix figure…

Unless a sculpt or paint job is really sketchy, I normally don’t go in and tweak Heroclix. I’d rather spend time creating a character that doesn’t already have a figure. Metallo went under the knife not because he’s a “meh” figure (he’s actually one of the better Heroclix sculpts), but I wanted to spruce him up as part of a gift. See, a friend’s son discovered ‘Clix and Metallo is one of his favorite characters. So, to surprise him, I went hunting through my box of Heroclix extras, dug up a Metallo dupe and went to work…

Ingredients: All parts are Heroclix figures unless otherwise noted. Base body–with almost no work done to it–is a Metallo (Unleashed). The only part of this sculpt I thought was kinda weak? The chunk of kryptonite in his chest. That eyesore was carved out with an x-acto, but now I needed a replacement, something that would make for a neat looking glowing green rock. Fire (Collateral Damage) fit the bill, I just chopped off her arms, legs and head and PRESTO!, a hunk of kryptonite. Uh, well, a hunk of kryptonite with boobs. I put that side facing in. Now he just needed an updated paint job. Out come the acrylic paints, metallic gunmetal gray for all his shiny parts, flat black for everything else. Two quick dips of Christmas red for the eyes, a light spritz of gloss sealant (avoid the green k!) and BOOM!, somebody get him a Superman to punch. Green-K close up below, custom Metallo dial here.

Now for some animated Metallo goodness:

First up, Metallo vs. Supes from Superman: The Animated Series

Then it’s Superman & Batman vs. Metallo courtesy Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Another serving of Batman/Superman vs. Metallo on The Batman

Superman vs. level boss Metallo from the video game Superman Returns

And finally, Smallville offers up live action Metallo vs. Clark Kent