Doctor Impossible

He beat the Red Tornado? But that’s unpossible!

That’s a lie. Everybody beats up Reddy. Usually cut his head off, too. It’s like fighting the Teen Titans and tearing off Cyborg’s arm: every villain gets to do it at least once. Twice if you’re Deathstroke.

So, Doctor Impossible. I’m not sure what it is about the character that makes me dig him so much. Yeah, it’s a cool sounding name and yeah, that’s a pretty slick costume (it’s like an evil Kirby design, which has got to be what they were going for). But outside of that? What has he appeared in, like three comic books? Four…? He doesn’t have much a resume, but that might be one of his most appealing hooks: he’s an enigma. There’s a lot to be said for keeping men of mystery mysterious and I, for one, hope DC never reveals this guy’s true origin. He could be anybody: an Escapee of Apokalips, one of the Penguin’s ex-henchman who lucked into some otherworldly tech, maybe even Heroclix customizer with a WordPress blog…

*glances left, glances right*

Anyway, on the Doc Impossible custom…

Ingredients: All frankensteined parts are HeroClix figures unless otherwise noted…

Base body is a Tempest (Crisis), hands came courtesy of a Dove (Crisis), the cape was lifted from a Vision (SuperNova) and his noggin is a…hmmm. Been about a year, year and a half since I built this bugger and I’m blanking. It was definitely a bald guy. My guess is that it was swiped from an Electro (Ultimates)…

Small costume trimmings like the stripes down his legs, the ribbing on his, ah, ribs and his boot/glove cuffs are all thin strips of index card paper held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s and then hardened with a small drip of Krazy Glue. The seven-hundred and ninety-two assorted circles and discs on his body are lifted from various rounded-edge HeroClix & Mage Knight parts (sometimes the scalp of a bald figure, smaller discs were the bottom of rounded weapons and bent elbows)…

Flat acrylic paint took it home, a spritz of matte sealant and then a coat of gloss black on his boots and gloves to separate ’em from the other black elements of his zoot suit. Custom Dr. Impossible dial here.

Overall I’m happy with the fig. It’s one of my more recent mods so I worked on him after learning some customizing tricks and, more importantly, to take my time


This is normally where I post links to other fan made items on the character featured in the post, but man…not much in the way of custom Doc Impy stuff out there. I know he’s a relatively new grade-D character, but c’mon…not a single Doctor Impossible cake? Or tattoo? Or hilarious mini costume for your dog? Internets, I am disappoint.


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