I’m in the middle of a move and crunched for time. Quick pics, short write ups, this week’s a blur.


I’ve never understood why, when making certain figures, WizKids went with super obscure incarnations of characters. My custom Eclipso (above) is the classic version while the Eclipso offered as part of the Cosmic Justice Heroclix set was his shirtless trenchcoat look…

…maybe that’s the control art that was supplied by DC? Ech, it sucked.

Ingredients: The good news is that Cosmic Justice Eclipso figure supplied a great head (almost a dirty sentence) for modding, which I slapped on a Green Lantern body (Cosmic Justice). Costume trimmings are index card paper hardened by Krazy Glue, detailed with acrylic paint and hit with some light matte (cover the diamond when spraying!). That itty-bitty Eclipso diamond is a piece of translucent blue plastic nicked from some random plastic HeroClix figure (Wonder Man/Mutant Mayhem?). Adding to what’s become a custom while discussing my, uh…customs, I’m drawing a blank on part of my Eclipso recipe. His hands. What figure did I swap them from? I’d be pretty impressed if someone could identify ‘em. A bright shiny quarter awaits you.

BREAKING NEWS: I just killed a centipede in my bathroom the size of a mustache, one of these horrible f*cking things…

…I grabbed a wet paper towel, mashed it against the wall, dropped the still-flailing mess into the toilet and ker-FLUSH, the world is a better place. It’s what Conan must feel like after he kills some giant terrible monster.

…and that’s it. I’m outta here to go pack.



Random Eclipso from around the web

Slick as pig snot custom DCUC Elipso.

And finally, some neat Eclipso fan art, both in b&w and color.



10 Responses

  1. Gah! I hate those centipedes too. I killed one in my basement a couple weeks ago, and the bottom half of the horrible thing popped out of the towel I squished it with and landed with a wet smack on my arm, still wriggling as the stupid monster hadn’t realized it was dead yet. I’m ashamed to say I let out a very unheroic wail…

    Love the Eclipse mod, by the way! The WizKids figure always puzzles me… as in, why, oh why does it look like that instead of the outfit yours is wearing? No idea on the hands right now, but I’m going to go look through my collection tomorrow, because now I have to. And it’s all your fault.

  2. …well that’s a horrible story to read at two-thirty in the morning. Let’s see if I can’t out-skeeve it:

    So it’s two nights before my move (and a week after I did battle with the centipede mentioned in this blog entry). I can’t sleep. Stressing about the move, the endless packing, life…I’m tossing and turning forever. I roll onto my right side and stare out into the hallway. Not comfortable. I flip to my left and stare out he window. Come on man, fall asleep! I lay flat on my back, stare up at the ceiling, let my thoughts wander and–in the pale moon light–gradually make out the Kit-Kat shaped black splotch on the ceiling DIRECTLY. ABOVE. MY. HEAD.

    I don’t waste a heartbeat. I’m up out of bed, into the kitchen, wet paper towel, back in the bedroom, flip on the lights, climb up on the bed and GAH! I recoil…yeah, it’s another one of those wretched centipede monstrosities. Standing there, wet paper towel in hand (it’s harder for creepy-crawlies to escape ’em when they’re wet), my face inches from that writhing nightmare…I felt like Harry Hamlin in the Medusa scene of ‘Clash of the Titans.’ Dare I attack the beast?!?

    Yeah, I attacked the f*ck out of it, crunching it beneath the paper towel (don’t let any still-twitching legs fall on the bed!) and then *FLOOSH!*, burial at sea.

    The happy ending of the story…? There is no happy ending. You try going back to bed after finding one of those things hanging out above your pillow. You have any idea the amount of mental scarring that would have occurred if that bugger lost his grip and *PLOP!* landed on my face? OR IN MY MOUTH?!?

    …great. Now I have to try and get some sleep having just written all that.

  3. You know how Snapple has those trivia facts under their lids? One time I read one that said the average human eats 8 spiders in their sleep during their lifetime.

  4. If it was under a Snapple cap, how could it NOT be true?

    *eats handful of spiders*

  5. Just about a month ago, I believe, a mommy spider’s batch of eggs finally decided to hatch in my ceiling vent. Ahh, the miracle of life. I spent most of the night vacuuming what must have been over fifty adorable baby spiders off the ceiling and most of the next day hunting down the lil rascals that survived the night. I’m pretty sure I ended up eating at least some of them.

    But anyway, Eclipso is awesome. I always liked him. He must be one of the most underused villains in the DCU.

  6. Whatever happened to “CK”…? He was gonna find out what figure Eclipso’s hands came from. My guess: eaten by spiders.

  7. arms? my guess would be Sinestro.

  8. Just came across this. I love your custom Eclipso. I think there are so many variations on this character that Wizkids just went with what was recent. The Bruce Gordon version that you made is by far the most identifiable out of them all being such a classic B level villan. Eclipso, being one of my fav comic characters growing up, I am suprised at how unknown this character really is in the comic book community.

    • I hear ya’, brutha. This version of Eclipso–the most iconic and “comic booky”–is my favorite.

      As f’r why he’s not more popular…y’know, I think it’s because he’s a supernatural baddie, not a science-based villain.

      Just a theory: it seems the most popular supervillains are those NOT steeped in magic or mythology–Joker, Magneto, Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom (yeah, I know Vic is magic-ish, but that’s almost always presented secondary to his “RICHARDS!” tech savviness).

      I’m not saying Eclipso would be as popular as those listed above if he were more science-based, just that with spandex superheroes being the dominant genre in comics, standard spandex-ish villains seem to fare better. Eclipso–who I’d rank as a C-lister under B-list guys like the Riddler–Eclipso might be more palatable to the average reader if he were less magicy. That said, not every character can (or should) be an A-lister. I think Eclipso works fine as-is: a supporting player of the DCU.

      Of course there are magic-based baddies who are popular (Loki, Mephisto, Dormammu), but I don’t know if you could really label any of them “A-listers” (tho Loki might get elevated to that status if the Thor movie clicks with the general public).

      Or maybe it’s just Eclipso’s fashion sense that’s holding him back…who fights superheroes in a T-shirt?

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