Heroic Feat Cards

I’ll get to the custom Heroclix  feat cards in a second, but first something more pressing: Has there ever been a version of ‘Dogs Playing Poker’ with super pets? You could totally do it. How many dogs do you need, seven…? There’s Krypto, Lockjaw, Ace, Wonderdog, Dynomutt, Yuck (the world’s ugliest dog and yes, he counts) and Hong Kong Phooey. Somebody slip that project into the fine print of Alex Ross’ next contract.

So, anyway, all the stuff on this blog was built to not only pretty up HeroClix for my gaming group, but to add variety to the action as well. The custom figures, barriers and maps are nice, but the bulk of it is simple eye candy. I wanted a way to capture the epic scale—the feel—of superhero battles. Super strong bruisers toppling buildings, speedsters making the impossible save, sidekicks being beaten to death with crowbars, all that fun stuff. My goal was to marry those comic book moments into HeroClix and do it in a way that it would introduce an element of surprise. My solution: not at all innovative. Cards. I built a deck of cards featuring outlandish powers that players could spring on opponents.

Here’s the poop; a fifty-two card deck with two powers on each card. The weaker of the two abilities—printed in red—can be utilized by handing in a single card. The bigger punch—printed in black—can only be used if a player hands in a pair of cards.

At the end of their turn a player draws a card and adds it to his hand. Unless otherwise stated, players can use a card on any turn. That allows a certain level of strategy when deciding if you should save the cards for yourself, a teammate, a weakened opponent battling a mutual threat, etc.

There’s four of each card except for a quartet of troublemakers; Change of Plans, Rewind, Thief and Wild Card. One each of those since they’re a bit on the powerful side.

Nothing overly fancy went into making these buggers. They were printed out on yellow card stock paper and then attached to thin cardboard with as little Elmer’s as humanly possible. The images are bits of free clip art from around the web and—to fancy up the back of each card—*CHONK!*, a simple design courtesy a rubber stamp.

Overall I’d say this experiment was a mixed bag. It gave the game some cool moments (like the Hulk toppling a building onto—and KO’ing—a handful of baddies), but I was never happy with having a gaming element outside of a HeroClix figure. Shortly after I made the deck, WizKids introduced their own cards into the game. The basic idea was the same (juice up a figure’s power) and I liked how they tied it into the power dial with new boxed stats. Their take was a cleaner, simpler execution than mine and my gaming group—fickle bastards that they are—used my deck less and less. Just as well. I was the player the Hulk dropped the building on.

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  1. I posted this over at HCRealms.com in response to member SaturnFlight’s comments regarding these cards, thought I’d reprint it here:


    The cards I posted are actually my second stab at making a deck.

    The first draft had much more specific powers/effects (like you said, I was aiming to recreate famous comic book moments), but being so specific limited the usefulness of the cards. Players would pull multiple super strength cards and not have a strongman on the team, a card that granted multiple turns would be pulled when a player only had one figure left, etc.

    My group played a few times with that deck and the majority of the cards sat idle in player’s hands.

    I tried fixing that glitch with the second version of the deck. Each card was given two powers with at least one ability left as wide-open as possible so almost any figure could benefit from it at any time. The second power was a bit more ability-specific, but my goal was to keep ’em as versatile as I could while still keeping the opportunity for characters to unleash some trademark moves.

  2. I remember the cards were pretty cool and real fun to use.

  3. Thanks man.

    While we don’t use the cards anymore, what I have done is taken the ideas started with this deck, mushed ’em together with the “Box Stat” WizKids introduced and created new hybrid dials for HeroClix figures. I’ll start posting those down the road.

  4. Any thought of incorporating Vs or Overpower cards in to clix? I think it could be done if you used certain cards. I think Vs would work better, being more readily available, and they seem to boost characters or teams

  5. I played OverPower a few of times a lifetime ago, not sure if I ever tried Vs.

    I’m open to any ideas, though.

    From what you wrote it seems you know both games…can you gimmie an example of a card(s) you think could translate into ‘Clix?

  6. Had bought a deck of OP, but no one else did in my area, so not sure on it, but with Vs, there are lots of cards that could be used. If you want to see the text on them, I would recommend downloading the Battlaplanner module for it and checking them out.

  7. Took your advice and went poking around online, read a bunch of Vs. cards.

    Interesting stuff, they gave me some ideas…thanks for the heads up, m’man.

  8. I saw this card…


    …and thought “How come there’s not a Doop ‘Clix figure?” So then I Googled “Doop HeroClix” and found this…


    …is that a sour apple jelly bean with eyes? Edible HeroClix, where every time you KO an opponent’s figure you get to eat it. Genius.

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