The Son of Satan

Satanism, the Antichrist, demonic imagery…you know the most shocking thing on this cover? A twenty-cent price tag. Nowadays you can’t even get a CrossGen back issue for that.*

So yeah, the ’70s Marvel landscape was nuts. “Son of Satan…?” And in case his name was too subtle, that’s a giant silver pentagram on his chest. How does this guy NOT have a ride at Universal Islands of Adventure?

Anyway, Daimon Hellstrom

Hmmm, well, he looks nice and moody/shadowy, but for the sake of inspecting this mod let’s get the flash on the camera cranked up to an eleven…

…there we go.

Ingredients: All parts are swiped from Heroclix figures unless otherwise noted. Base body is Bullseye (Sinister), Quicksilver head (Armor Wars), Dr. Fate cape (unleashed) and a trident from…Black Manta? Namor? It’s gotta be one of those underwater guys. I get the whole Poseidon thing, but enough with giving every Aquaman and Namor toy a trident already. When was the last time Aquaman showed up to a fight with a trident? RANT! RANT! RANT! Y’know, that trident might actually be from a Mage Knight or D&D mini…it’s been a few years since I built this guy, I’m blanking.

The pentagram on Son of Satan’s chest was one of the bigger hurdles to clear. To keep the lines straight, I x-acto’d a small circle from a piece of an index card then gave it a razor-thin edge in the form of a second layer of index card (held in place with a pinprick of Elmer’s). I then laid thin strips of index card in the shape of the pentagram (more Elmer’s) and positioned it on his chest (Elmer’s again). Using sculpting tools, I gently pressed down on the symbol, trying the best I could to get it to follow the contours of his chest. When I was happy with it, a small drip of Krazy Glue locked that sucker in place and hardened the paper. Acrlic paint, some matte spray and TA-DA!, Disney presents the Son of Satan! Custom Son of Satan dial here.

Eh, I’d give myself like a B-, maybe a C on this figure. I built this guy a few years ago and back then I‘d whip up a bunch of customs in one shot to surprise my group. That’s the case with the Son of Satan here…I modded him along with a bunch of other Defender D-listers and–racing the clock–had to cut some corners to have ‘im ready in time. Booo, me. He’s missing the strap for his cloak (or maybe he doesn’t need one: since he’s shirtless, it just sticks to his sweat! ew), plus I should have given him his “horns,’ the wavy cowlicks in his hair. I don’t mod much anymore, but when I do I take my time, no more rush jobs, no more cowlick-less customs outta me. Honest.

Some other Hellstrom stuff from around the web: first up, a custom Mego Son of Satan, then there’s a neat piece of stylized Daimon Hellstrom art, a wicked Son of Satan Mighty Mugg and finally, a Son of Satan cover gallery (scroll down, his adventures start with #12…they should have waited one issue!).

*yes you can


One Response

  1. This guy would be a good candidate for some translucent plastic “special effects” (like how a GL has see-thru green energy blasts, Invisible Woman has a clear shield, etc.).

    I didn’t work with those elements when I pieced Daimon here together (not enough faith in my skills back then), but a nice addition would have been some translucent fire. The Human Torch, Toro, Ghost Rider…one of those fire based yahoos must have something you could mod. Son of Satan could be shooting flames from the tip of his pitchfork, maybe a swath of fire from the tip that arcs back and connects to the lower back portion of his cape, etc.

    Maybe I’ll go back in one day and tweak this guy…if I do, I’ll post updated pics.

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