Those are Ugly Curtains

An albino werewolf supervillain astronaut.

Was it mad-libs day over at the Marvel Bullpen? The only way Man-Wolf gets more bizarre is if he were the relative of some established Spider-Man supporting character. Or if he was also a cowboy.

*saloon goes quiet as cowboy man-wolf walks in, a glass shatters on the floor*

“I’m a-lookin’ for the man that shot my paw…”

And that’s only the FIRST issue!

Anyway, this week’s little choking hazard, Man-Wolf.

I’m surprised WizKids never got around to making this guy. He’s a Spidey villain AND a monster. All he needs is to be made of candy and he’d hit the little kid trifecta.

I struggled with giving Man-Woof here a wash. I tried black over his white fur, but maybe I should have painted him black and then hit him a white dry brush. If anybody has any tips (or a good link on this type of thing), it’d be mighty keen if you could toss it in the comments section below.

Ingredients: All the heavy lifting was done by the base body, a Hyena HeroClix figure (Legacy). Thin strips of index card cut to shape and hardened by Krazy Glue supplied the costume trimmings, an x-acto blade did away with any stray tufts poking through his space suit. A coat of acrylic paint followed by a quick black wash to tone down the white, some matte finish and BOOM!, Spidey has a platinum blond werewolf to play with. Custom Man-Wolf dial here.

You know what’s crazy? A werewolf disguising himself as a mummy. Check out these covers…

Who Dat Mummy


Man-Wolf Dial

Some odd Man-Wolf stuff out there on the the internets.

On a Home & Gardens site (what?) I found this lawn statue. Over at the YouTubes I found what looks to be one in a series of Spider-Man villain tutorials. And finally, someone made a Man-Wolf Marvel Legend custom decked out in his crazy Stargod outfit. Not content to be an albino werewolf supervillain astronaut, Man-Wolf upped the ante and became a telepathic champion of an alien planet. I didn’t make up any of that last sentence.


6 Responses

  1. So it’s a werewolf post, followed by a zombie post, followed by a man-wolf post. I see where you’re going with this. Is someone getting ready to go trick-or-treating?

    (And by “someone” I mean “you” and by “trick-or-treating” I mean “beat up little kids for their Halloween candy.”)

  2. Also: cowboy man-wolf ❤

  3. Werewolf/zombies/werewolf/ZOMBIES!

    Yeah, I’m totally doing a Halloween theme this month. I actually busted out the modding tools and did some new sculpts for next week’s blog post…pretty much everything I’ve been showcasing here have been figures, maps and terrain items that are ancient, in some case five years old. Next week’s figs are brand new. I’m kinda excited to post ’em…I’m really happy with the way they came out.

    And I’m totally slide tackling some trick-or-treaters into piles of wet leaves this year and stealing their candy.

  4. I hope it’s the Sphinx. Partly cause he’s awesome, and partly cause that’s the only comics mummy character I can think of.

  5. Wow, the Sphinx, I forgot that character even existed. The Thing once gave him a kidney punch. True Story.

    You ever see the cover to Marvel Two-in-One #91, the one where Marvel freaked out their entire fan base with that cover?

    Yeah, it turned out to be the Sphinx, but it sure looked like the Thing was teaming up with you-know-who…this was way before the internet so a quick debunking was out of the question.

  6. I didn’t read that book, but I hope they explain how the Sphinx stole the Bat-signal.

    Yeah, he is great and very underused. I think he showed up in the new Nova series not too long ago.

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