Super minor mod here. I’m a fan of classic Aquaman…actually, “almost-classic Aquaman.” He could stand to lose those little black underpants. That sounds weird.

Eh, whatever, this week’s little plastic piece of disposable income…

Ingredients: Most of the heavy lifting was taken care of thanks to the WizKids Aquaman figure (Icons), then mix in a gloved right hand (Sidewinder/Ultimates) and a nifty splayed-finger left hand (Dove/Crisis). The cuff for the left hand is index card hardened by Krazy Glue and…y’know, I take back that “least amount of work” comment. To give Aquaman’s shirt a scaly look, I snipped itty-bitty bits of index card paper, stuck them to his upper torso with a pinprick of Elmer’s, then applied small drops of Krazy Glue to toughen ‘em up (blotting excess glue after each drop). Making that shirt was the opposite of fun. A couple coats of acrylic paint took it home. Custom Aquaman dial here.

I can’t look at the above pics without thinking of this.

Sometimes this blog tempts me with madness. When looking for some Aquaman-related figures to pose in these photos and finding only Aquaboy and Black Manta, I actually thought—if only for a moment—“I should build a custom Fisherman figure.” I honestly thought that. The freakin’ wader boots, uses-a-fishing-pole-for-evil Fisherman. Y’know, this guy…

If I ever mod that yahoo, it means my free time has reached critical mass and I should be ground into Soylent Green.

Random Aquaman from around the web

100% awesome custom gaslight Aquaman action figure (and the rest of the gaslight JLA here).

Aquaman on TV!
“Ask Aquaman” from The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
The live-action show that almost was (Ving Rhames was in that?).
Beware the terrifying (READ: adorable) “crew of fearsome manta men” working for Black Manta in this ‘60s cartoon (manta men madness starts at :28).

Come for the Aquaman cosplay, stay for Black Manta’s giant chrome head.

Fan made Aquaman cartoon strips:
Birthday Boy.
The Fish Signal.

Super cute do-it-yourself Aquaman cubee!

And finally, an entire Aquaman fan site devoted to the much maligned orange-shirted King of the Seven Seas.


14 Responses

  1. Back-to-back posts where I actually remembered all the parts used to make the custom. The secret: beer.

  2. Rurouni KJS over at pointed out that Aquaman is missing his underpants. Yeah, he’s right…I took off Aquaman’s underpants.

    *awkward pause*

    Anyway, for the most part I’m not a fan of the “underwear on the outside” look some comic book characters have. Some make it work (Wolverine’s brown outfit, Superman), but others look better without it (Spidey, GL’s newish look, etc.). So yeah, I just went with a “long pants” look, which I think is the costume he was wearing right before he was de-aged (or whatever that was) in his own book.

  3. Actually you took off Aquaman’s short overpants which surprisingly sounds even a little bit creepier.

  4. Wrap your head around this:

    I don’t like Aquaman wearing short-shorts as part of his full-body costume, yet I prefer Namor in his “only short-shorts” instead of his full body costume.

    Up is down, Kid is Play and Play is Kid!

  5. Aquaman without overpants?!?! *shakes head* No no no… this doesn’t.. sound.. right.. at all… make it stoppp…

    In other news: I love the way you made his shirt. And definitely give me classic Aquaman over long hair, beard and water hand any day.

    • …”overpants?”

      I’ve never heard that before.


      *puts on overpants*

      Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

      • I actually borrowed overpants from DS above. ^

        Not actual overpants, just the term.

  6. Oh and also, I saw this awesome Black Manta costume at this years Philly WizardWorld. It was great and the guy actually had a speaker built into the helmet and his voice was all like Darth Vader and metallic coming out of it (basically exactly what you’d imagine Black Manta would sound like.) It was so funny.

    But yeah, I was talking to J.G. Jones in the Artist Alley and Black Manta went past us. We both stopped talking and looked at BM. As he was walking, he shook his fist and in that metallic speaker voice said “I’ll get you, J.G. Jones!!” It was a pretty spectacular moment.

    • Manta’s threat makes J.G. Jones Aquaman in that scenario, so that makes you…Aqualad?

      Yeah, I can see it.

      • Yeah I guess I should’ve kicked that Black Manta in the face, now that I think about it.

  7. Awww… I love the Manta Men. I smell customs. Also, I want fish, whale and turtle clix. Speaking of turtles:

  8. That turtle vid is 50% hypnotic, 50% muscle relaxant. I watched it twice and feel six kinds of groovy, man.

    Never heard that song before–‘Burning’–by The Whitest Boy Alive. I dig it.

    Now to harsh everyone’s buzz:

  9. >>shoyket!: I actually borrowed overpants from DS above. Not actual overpants, just the term.<<


    I had to go reread the post to catch it. I guess my brain read it as "underpants."

    *takes off overpants*

    I'm not ready for this responsibility.

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