Beast Boy

It was Beast Boy, along with the Wolfman/Pérez TEEN TITANS of the ’80s, that turned this diehard Marvel Comics fan into a diehard Marvel AND DC Comics fan. A cool character design and “God, I wish I could do that” powers were part of it, but it was the character, his personality, that made him one of my favorites. Lighthearted, wise-cracking, and he gave voice to what all us teenage comic fans were thinking: “Holy crap is Starfire hot.” Beast Boy — Gar Logan — was one of us, and the perfect fan surrogate into the impossible world of comic books.

So yeah, Beast Boy is awesome, and I’m picking him for my next ‘Clix team. I’m just gonna mod him a bit first…

“Come at me, bro!”

Our starting point: the human(ish) Beast Boy from the DC 75th Anniversary set — dynamic pose not included. I’ll never understand ‘Clix characters that are posed like they’re waiting for a bus. This is a fighting game, they should be doing something cool and attack-y, especially when the character’s powers lend themselves, like Beast Boy, to some type of berserk “in the heat of battle” battle pose. Ah well. You take the good ‘Clix with the bad.

For Mr. Gar Logan, I didn’t mod the figure beyond adding the elevated clear base to indicate he’s a flyer (he can shapeshift into any animal on earth: how can he not be flyer?). Then it came time to go on a drunken binge and muck with his stats…

Beast Boy’s powers are pretty straight-forward: stealth since Gar can get all cat-like and sneaky, energy deflection for when he turns into a mosquito, and alternating Perplex & Enhancement when he uses his eagle eyes to help a teammate.

As for those box stats, here’s the thing: my printer hates me, so when I make custom dials, any dark blue power — Plasticity, Psychic Blast, Mastermind and, in this case, Shape Shift — prints like mud. My “I can’t afford a new printer right now” solution: box stats. So yeah: Beast Boy has Shape Shift. (Also, my printer can suck it.)

Beast Boy’s got one more power, but to see what it is, we gotta flip this dial over…

Yep, this custom power allows Gar to *BAMF!*, turn into any…wait, that’s the wrong comic book sound effect. Let’s see — Gar can *POP!*, turn into a new animal at the start of any action. Just roll a 1d6 to see what new critter (with all-new powers!) that Beast Boy shifts into. The higher the roll, the more powerful the beastie.

But what’s gambling, even in the form of a friendly die roll, without risk? Some animals are…well, kind of sh*tty. The trick is to NOT make them unplayable sh*tty, just “Aw, man…” sh*tty.

First up…


Yay, a boid!

This sucker started life as one of the constructs from the Yellow Lantern Scarecrow ‘Clix, and for reasons I can’t explain, I’ve always wanted to eat it. Maybe it’s got a marzipan thing going on…? I dunno. I’ve inhaled a lot of paint fumes while modding over the years.

Anyway, each of the six animals has one click of stats. Birdie here has a speed of 8 (Charge + Leap/Climb), an attack of 8 (Incapacitate), a defense of 16 (Energy Deflection) and an attack of 0 (so sad).

So, if each Beast Boy animal has only one click of stats, does that mean Gar is KO’d and out of the game after taking just one point of damage? Nah, here’s the scoop on that…

If one of the animal forms takes damage, the first click KO’s the animal, and Beast Boy reverts to his humanoid form. You then continue delivering the damage to Gar. So if the Bird was hit for three clicks of damage, one is delivered to the bird, it clicks, it’s KO’d (and replaced on the board with Gar), and then Gar takes two more clicks of damage. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

(ALSO: Each animal is labeled with its corresponding die-roll number. The bird is “1 of 6,” the next animal is “2 of 6,” etc.)

So what happens when you roll a #2 when shifting…?


Oooo, snakes eat birds (sometimes), so snakes must be better! This huggable fellow started out as an Iron Cobra D&D Miniature. Speed: 6 (Charge + Plasticity), offense: 8 (Poison), defense: 16 (toughness), and damage: 2.

Better than a bird, but not great. Now here’s where creature rolls start taking an upturn…


Awwww, who’s up for belly rubs…? Kitty here is a repainted Hunting Cougar D&D Miniature. 10 sped (Charge + Leap/Climb), offense 8 (blades), defense 16 (Toughness + Agility) and damage: 1.

Roll higher than a 3? Here’s where your opponents start getting nervous…


So Beast Boy is basically running around naked while in animal form…? That’s fine when he’s a bird and his business is all tucked away out of sight. But when he’s a monkey, his junk would be on the display for all the world to see. SAUCY DEVIL BOY…!

Anyway, I took the Gorilla City Warrior from the DC 75th set, gave him a green paint job, BOOM, done. Speed: 8 (Charge + Leap/Climb), offense: 9 (super strength), defense: 16 (Toughness + Agility) and Damage: 3.


We’ll get to the bear in a second.

SIDEBAR: You know how in JURASSIC PARK we learn that some frogs can change sex when they need to? So, uh, could Beast Boy turn into one of those frogs, switch his sex to female, then turn back to humanoid form and be a female Gar Logan…? Comic book science is best science.

Anyway, this figure is the “Beast Boy: Bear Form” from the DC 75th ‘Clix set with a fresh coat of paint. Speed: 8 (Charge + Leap/Climb), offense: 9 (Claws + Super Strength), defense: 16 (Invulnerability) and damage: 3.

And finally, a lucky roll of 6 hits the jackpot…


The “Beast Boy: T-Rex Form” from the DC 75th ‘Clix set is pretty good, but I couldn’t track one down in time for a game. So I grabbed the Devil Dinosaur ‘Clix from the Mutations & Monsters set, cut off that filthy little Moon Boy, slapped on some green paint and sha-BAM!, minty fresh T-rex!

Rexy’s power stats will put the fear of God in your opponents — Speed: 12 (Charge), offense: 10 (Super Strength), defense: 17 (Impervious) and damage: 5 (Battle Fury).

Shortly after I was done with all the figures, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to stop at six different animals. There are eight-sided die, ten-sided die…I could have gone nuts with beast forms. I made a mental note to go back one day, to mod up a few more green animals (or just mix in the cool pterodactyl and dolphin Beast Boy forms from the Batman ‘clix set). It’s one more thing for my “to do” list.

So, well, there you go. ‘Clix is about rolling dice, and the uncertainty with playing Beast Boy makes him a fun figure. With every roll, all eyes are on that die: the gorilla? The bear? Maybe the T-rex…? Or will the die say “F-U,” and literally give you the bird?