Marvel Zombies » Zombie Iron Man Dial

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  1. The Goal: Create a slow but relentless zombie.

    Zombie Shellhead starts with the dwindling power supply of his ruined armor and his stats drop quick, but hunger-fuled charge and ravenous steal energy stats replenish fuel by the mouthful. His boxed stat gives the gangrene Avenger a smattering of repulsor blast energy explosion and close combat muscle, but it’s his “death’s head” skull stat that makes him a true monster. Land on that and it’s blades, feeding zombie Stark one point of regenerate for every point of damage he deals. Roll high for a Big Gulp!

    Wear him down and body parts start falling off, dragging Shellhead’s speed stat into the crapper.

    The downside of being a zombie? That pesky “shoot it in the head” rule. If—at any time—an opponent inflicts doubles damage on Zombie Iron Man, off comes his shell head for the instant KO.

    Stat Breakdown
    100 pts, Range: 8 (1)
    Stats in order of Speed, Offense, Defense and Damage. * = boxed stat, X = death’s head stat.
    FIRST CLICK: 6 Charge, 10 Super Strength/Energy Explosion, 16 Impervious, 4
    SECOND CLICK: 6 Charge, 9 Super Strength/Steal Energy, 16 Invulnerable, 2*
    THIRD CLICK: 6 Charge, 9 Super Strength/Steal Energy, 15 Invulnerable, 2 *
    FOURTH CLICK: 7 Charge, 10 Steal Energy, 15 Invulnerable, X
    FIFTH CLICK: 4 Charge, 8 Steal Energy, 14 Invulnerable, 3 Battle Fury
    SIXTH CLICK: 4 Charge/Earthbound, 8 Steal Energy, 14 Toughness, 3 Battle Fury
    SEVENTH CLICK: 4 Charge/Earthbound, 7 Steal Energy, 1 Battle Fury/Close Combat Expert
    EIGHTH CLICK: 3 Charge/Earthbound, 7 Steal Energy, 13, 2 Battle fury

    Complete custom dial archive available here.

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