Werewolf by Night

Man, I don’t even know where to start with that cover. Werewolves on the moon? That’s a good idea (I guess he’d get double-awesome full moon powers), but he should have at least put a shirt on. Or maybe since he’s on the moon his werewolf powers mean he doesn’t need a jacket in the cold vacuum of space…? That’s crazy. Then there’s the whole Dracula angle. ‘Astronaut Vampire’ should be a movie. What we can learn fro this: NASA wouldn’t have any budget problems if Neil Armstrong had walked into this sh*t when taking his first step.

Anyway, this week’s contribution to the interwebs: Werewolf by Night.

“Jack Russell.” That’s the secret identity of Marvel Comics’ resident werewolf superhero. “Jack Russell.” Y’know, I read that for years without batting an eye until I heard someone say it out loud. “Jack Russell,” as in “terrier.” The wolf guy has a canine name. Comics are the best.

If I was a werewolf I’d be significantly less PC. No pants on this *points two thumbs at self* lycanthrope. Who’s gonna say anything?

Ingredients: Beast body (Xplosion), tattered shirt and cuffs are small bits of index card shaped by x-acto and hardened by Krazy Glue, acrylic paint & matte finish took it all home. Random tufts of hair were shaved off the legs so the pants had a smoother look. I’m writing about werewolf trousers. A new low. Moving along; custom Werewolf by Night dial here.

Assorted Werewolf by Night from around the web…

Nifty Werewolf by Night cover gallery. Old school Werewolf by Night read-along comic. Original 1941 The Wolfman trailer and the new Benicio Del Toro werewolf flick. And finally, a scientific experiment–caught on film–that reveals the terrible secret about wolfman anatomy...



4 Responses

  1. That Benicio Del Toro movie looks so f*ckin stupid. I guess with that Black Lagoon remake they’ll complete the whole Universal monsters set of remakes. Talk about out of ideas.

  2. That first ‘Wolfman’ trailer looked kinda meh and I haven’t heard much good about it since…I think it’s gonna be a rental.

    As an aside, I got a game of ‘Clix in tonight and Jack Russell here made my team. He tore the joint up, dodged everything thrown at him, took out Taskmaster with two (TWO!) shots (rolled high with blades) and then…BETRAYAL!

    The Enchantress (one of the opposing team’s heavies) hit some of my teammate wit da mind control hocus pocus and SMISH!, Werewolf by Night was done in by a friend.

    So sad, though I think that’s how all werewolf stories end. 😦

  3. The Werewolf and the vampires are on the moon, because its a movie set…Check the tag line on the cover…”The Haunting of the Hollywood Hills”.

    • Hmmm…while disappointed that Dracula didn’t get into a fistfight with the Wolfman on the moon, I do like the idea of those two fighting their way across a handful of exotic movie & TV sets. I hope they make it over to Iron Chef.

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