The Atom

The Atom can’t break a light bulb?

What’s worse is the look on Doctor Light’s face. Given this guy’s track record, things might be getting a bit more unpleasant for our pal Ray Palmer as this scenario unfolds.

Anyway, this week’s plastic…

“Custom” might be too strong a word for this mod. He’s just a repaint of the standard ‘Clix figure (Origin) with minor detailing work, transforming the WizKids Ryan Choi figure into the classic Ray Palmer character.

Using an x-acto knife I shaved away all the detail work of the Choi costume and etched in new details for the Palmer version, gave him a fresh coat of acrylic paint and TA-DAH!, the bronze medal winner of least-work-mod to date, right behind silver medal winner Conan and the reigning champ Ursa Major. I’m a fraud. Custom Atom dial here.

Weird how WizKids never got around to making a Ray Palmer Atom. Yeah, they made that figureless dial figure (laws of grammar don’t apply here), but that doesn’t count. Then—as Ray Palmer fans were busy staring at the figureless Atom dial they just spent twenty bucks on—POW!, a second Atom-that-isn’t-really-the-Atom figure in the form of Ryan Choi. Awesome. Wizkids should have just gone all the way with it and sculpted him flipping the bird.

The real tragedy in all this…? HeroClix being discontinued before the F-U trifecta to Atom fans could be completed; I want that Sword of the Atom riding a bullfrog Atom (grammar rules still off). And I want that frog giving the finger.

"I'm the Atom. And you are...?"

Random Atom from the web

Cute, stylized Atom fan art.

ATOM COSTUME-A-PALOOZA! Ready…? Here he is in a parade looking drunk, now he’s harassing some DC editors, then it’s almost missing the JLA group photo and finally, squint to catch a glimpse of him on Hawkman’s shoulder.



4 Responses

  1. I like that custom power for the Atom, where he could be shot with Green Arrow at people, up to GA’s range, and then do an action. The action would be on Green Arrow. I think that’s how it works.

    I know Green Arrow shoots the Atom into Darkseid’s brain in Rock of Ages, but is that the first time Green Arrow shot the Atom at somebody? Was it Keith Giffen who did it first in his JLI? Or am I thinking of Hawkeye shooting Ant-Man? I forget.

    Also, Wolverine and Colossus would have the same power for the Fastball Special. I love how all these little things could be translated perfectly to Clix.

  2. The Atom has an “under-the-dial” power, one detailed on the underside of the figure. He can “ride” a long-range attack as or part of an action, meaning he can pull off that trick and THEN make an attack. So yeah, allies (not just Green Arrow) can shoot the Atom at a target.

    I’m not an authority on the Atom, but the only character I’ve ever seen throw/shoot him at someone is Green Arrow. Then again, Ollie is crazy and may have just grabbed the Atom, stuck him with some gum to an arrow and shot him before Ray knew what was going on.

    He (the Atom) is always hitching a ride on something, though; radio waves, phone calls, etc. I thought giving him that power would help drag more comic book-ness into ‘Clix.

    And yeah, I gave Colossus a similar power…he can chuck Wolverine as if throwing a light item and Wolvie can make an attack at the end of that “movement.” Fastball special, bitches!

    I love how batsh*t crazy Green Arrow and drunk Russian Colossus both have the same solution to a problem: throw a teammate at it.

  3. “The Atom had his own cartoon in the ‘60s? Really?”

    Yep, a TV station back home used to air reruns of it when I was a kid. Not only that, but Boomerang will occasionally use it – or any of the other 60s Filmation/H-B cartoons (Green Lantern, Superman, The Flash, Teen Titans, Aquaman or Hawkman) – as filler/bumps after episodes of Justice League Unlimited or The Batman.

    Just sayin’.

  4. JLU reruns on Boomerang are clutch…I had forgotten how good that show was. Justice League Unlimited; the greatest superhero cartoon ever (‘Powerpuff Girls’ is a close second).

    Anyway, I haven’t seen those ’60s toons used at bumpers yet. Man, I have such vague memories of ’em, must have caught bits and pieces when I was little.

    When I came across the Atom cartoon I checked out the other ones you mentioned and…eeesh. I know they’re pushing almost fifty years old, but oof-AH, tough to sit through. ‘The Flash’ episodes are especially rough. The change to Kid Flash’s costume–one of the best costumes in comics–is a crime that should be punishable by being forced to watch an episode of their own show…

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