“Who the f*ck is that a**hole?”

After spending hours squinting over small plastic body parts, nicking my fingers with x-acto blades and meticulously crafting a custom dial, that was the reaction this figure generated from one of the players in my gaming group. Deflating, yes, but odds are it’s the same reaction he gets from Marvel editors whenever he shows up in a comic proof.

Eh, doesn’t matter, he’s one of my favorites. Let’s get a better look at this Equinox fellow…

How could anyone NOT love this guy? He shoots fire AND ice! Equinox: all the benefits of the Human Torch AND Iceman with the added bonus of having a name that 90% of the population couldn’t explain. But hey, it’s got an ‘X’ and a ‘Q’ in it!

Ingredients: Base body is a Hellfire Guard (Ultimates), his forehead pointy things are index card paper hardened with Krazy Glue and the assorted bits of translucent plastic are chopped from various flamey/icy guys (Human Torch, Killer Frost, etc.). Some acrylic paint, then a quick coat of matte to seal the deal (though cover the translucent bits with tape before using the matte). Custom Equinox dial here. FUN FACT: He hasn’t been on the winning side of a HeroClix game yet.

Blizzard, Tiger Shark, the Eel…I’m a sucker for grade-D villains and Equinox was right up my ally. There I was; twelve year-old me, digging through back issues boxes, hungry to spend the last dollar of my allowance when I came across this little gem…

…I was powerless before that cover. The Human Torch FIGHTING Iceman…?!? It was like the creative team had eavesdropped on the endless “Who do you think would win in a fight between…” debates between my friends and I. The writer was In. My. BRAIN. The mystery villain—Equinox, the Thermodynamic Man—was just icing on the cake. I decided that day I’d collect every Equinox appearance. I think there’s been three.

Eeesh…not much of a web presence for good ol’ Exy. Somebody go bake an Equinox themed cake.

Anyway, there’s a cute, South Park-ish Equinox here and…that’s it. One Equinox fan tribute. That’s all I could find. I’ve officially doubled the Equinox quotient of the entire internet with this post.

I’m not gonna get a lot of hits this week.


6 Responses

  1. ‘Unsung Hero’ over at HCRealms.com posted a pic of a custom Equinox he had made. I dig that his mod has an icy translucent body and is in an action stance…a lot of times I focus too much on trying to find a good base body and not enough time crafting a battle pose. My favorite figures are those that look like they’re about to clobber somebody.

    Anyway, more Equinox goodness:

    Equinox-a-Mania is sweeping the interwebs!

  2. Wow, he looks amazing! I don’t remember him being picked too often though. Or maybe I just haven’t seen him yet. Is he a new custom?

    Also, an equinox is when the Sun is positioned directly above the earth’s equator, therefore making the day and the night the same length of time. It should happen twice a year, in the spring (vernal) and in the fall (umm..fallnal?). Ancient monoliths like the Stonehenge and the Mayan Pyramids were used to calculate equinoxes before calendars were invented, to keep track of the seasons for the purposes of agriculture. And a lot (if not all) religious holidays actually come from equinox dates (sorry, Jesus). So to recap: an equinox is an event in space and has nothing to do with fire or ice.

    Yes, I know that he is divided in half and half of him is ice and other half is fire, so it can be a symbolic name, pertaining to his dual powers. But I’m just saying that it doesn’t make any sense.

    So suck it, Equinox and all you Equinox fans!! I defeated all of you with my awesome Jeopardy skills.

  3. “Fan.”

    Equinox “fan.”

  4. Oh, and no, he’s a few years old at least. I’m pretty sure he’s only seen a couple of games and I’m the only one whose ever picked him for a team. He’s oh-for-two.

  5. Would you be willing to sell the Equinox figurine above? I have been looking EVERYWHERE for one! If you’re not willing to part with it do you have any idea where I can find one?

    • Ach, sorry…that Equinox figure has already found himself a new home, I don’t have it anymore.

      Try Googling “custom HeroClix figures for sale” and seeing if you can find one that way.

      I’ve always dug the HCRealms website — there are loads of customizers there, one of whom that you should be able to commission an Equinox from.

      Good luck, and if you get one, come back and post links to pics!

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