Clock King

Clock King. With an “L.”

Misspelling that name when typing a Google image search is a Pandora’s box of awful.

So this custom came about thanks to his appearance on the surprisingly awesome Batman: The Brave & the Bold cartoon (I’d post a link, but B&B YouTube vids are taken down as fast as they go up). I’m not a fan of old school-style DC, but wowzers, that series is 500% more fun than I thought it would be. Definitely worth a look if you—like me—wrote it off as kiddie-fare. Fun stuff.

But anyway, Clock King

I’m torn about the costume redesign CK received on B:B&B. On one hand, it’s ridiculous even by spandex superhero standards. On the other, it’s an absolutely fantastic design for a cartoon supervillain. I think I love it. If nothing else, it’s way better than CK’s original comic book outfit.

Ready for a snapshot of crazy…?

My eyes unfocus and I get a nosebleed if I stare at that too long.

Back to the ‘Clix mod…

Ingredients: So this bugger started off life as a Vanisher figure (Mutant Mayhem), his left hand & sword came courtesy Ra’s al Ghul (Legacy) and his crown was swiped from Emperor Joker (Justice League). His head is…hmm. I don’t remember and I don’t think it matters. Any bald figure (or full head spandex) will do. The top of his head and his kisser were both cut flat to accommodate the crown and the clock face (made from index card hardened by Krazy Glue). That same index card/glue trick went into costume trimmings (sash, shoulder tassels, etc.), the cape’s fur trimming is tightly wound toilet paper also hardened by glue. Some acrylic paint, a PFFFT! of matte and CK was in the books. Custom Clock King dial here.

Leave the country if your King starts dressing like this.

Random Clock King stuff from around the web

Dueling “YO MOMMA!” Clock Kings.

Adam West vs. Clock King.

Awesome old school custom Clock King action figger.



4 Responses

  1. His costume is completely ridiculous and probably the very standard of what living in a Grant Morrison-run universe would be like. But I love his costume too. I doubt your custom figure does it, but does the real character’s face actually change in real time? And why’d you pick 10:02 for your CK’s face?

  2. I didn’t put much thought into what time his face says (what did I just type?) until AFTER he was modded. Literally the second after I was done painting him and I was giving him a once-over looking for defects, it hit me: why the hell didn’t I make the time on his face 4:20? It would explain why he dresses like that.

    And if you you click the first link in this blog entry–the “his appearance” one–you can see that the artists on the B:B&B cartoon animated the clock hands on his face.

    I love that idea that during some big supervillain meeting that a bored Gorilla Grodd or Kite Man could just stare at Clock King’s face to see how much longer the meeting was gonna go.

  3. …my God…that HAS to happen in an episode of B:B&B; Clock King’s face goes off. And you’d have to slap the top of his crown to turn it off.


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