Killer Moth

“Professor Deathmoth.”


How about “Murder Moth?”

Pretty much every moth-themed moniker you could conjure up will fall as flat as the name of this week’s topic: Killer Moth. It’s the word “moth.” It’s so non-threatening that when you try pairing it with a tough guy name—“killer”—it just accentuates the absurd. “Apocalypse Panda.” See? Some words don’t lend themselves to the sinister. “Death Dolphin.” I bet he’s adorable. “Killer Moth.” Ridiculous. To be taken seriously, this Batman villain’s costume had to be designed so intimidatingly that it offset his name and immediately paralyzed his victims with fear. Nah, just kidding. He looks like he was designed by Cindy Brady on a sugar high…

Can you imagine a gathering of supervillains—Black Adam simmering with rage that he has to work with such villainous scum, Gorilla Grodd secretly wishing to kill every human in the room, Lex Luthor sizing up how to take down his allies—and in walks Killer Moth? They’d think he was the pizza boy from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. Hey, check it out; I think I just came up with a new origin for Killer Moth!

Though the character assassination on this blog might make you think otherwise, I love this character. Normally I prefer supervillains to be more on the menacing side like Doc Doom or Deathstroke, but there’s something about KM (the pants?) that I just dig. If you’re looking for a rock solid fun read starring Johnny Moth here, check out Batgirl: Year One by Dixon, Beatty, Martin & Lopez. It’s also one of the best Barbara Gordon/Batgirl stories out there. Fun stuff

Ingredients: The base body was a rookie Skrull Infiltrator (SuperNova), the hand/gun came courtesy Mirror Master (Origin), the head from Living Laser (Avengers) and the wings were originally from a Wasp fig (Infinity Challenge). After I finished painting him and attaching the wings they looked…wrong. Never be afraid to undo a custom if a part doesn’t look right. The new wings—Queen Bee (Unleashed)—proved a much better fit. His bug eyes were the studs off some WizKids figure (Hawkman’s mace? The bolts from a mech? I don’t remember), his holster came from a random ‘Clix soldier (probably a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent) and the moth insignia and stripes on his pants were bits of index card paper hardened with Krazy Glue. Acrylic paint, a *PHSSH!* of matte sealant and call it a day. Custom Killer Moth dial here.

And that’s that, but before I go, some killer Killer Moth nonsense from around the web…

Lego Killer Moth vs. Lego Batman

Killer Moth > Adam West

KM Halloween costume

And finally, the unofficial Killer Moth theme song

4 Responses

  1. More Killer Moth madness than you can shake a bug zapper at:

    Thanks to EvilMonkeyPope over at

  2. I’m loving the idea of Apocalypse Panda, also.

  3. Yeah, right…? It’d be the highest rated show on Animal Planet

  4. Killer Moth Confirmed (?) for the Batman: Arkham Asylum game…

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