Zombie Power Pack » Zombie Gee Custom Dial

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  1. The Goal: Create a hit-and-run nuisance that has the potential to cripple any opponent.

    If your pint-sized monstrosity takes it on the chin, don’t sweat it: deep in its dial lurks the evil “Skull Stat” which grants your mini zombie Blades AND the ability to gain 1 point of healing for every one damage delivered!

    Stat Breakdown
    40 pts, Range: 8 (1)
    Stats in order of Speed, Offense, Defense and Damage. * = Skull stat.
    FIRST CLICK: 7 Charge, 8 Telekinesis, 16 Energy Deflection, 3 Leadership
    SECOND CLICK: 6 Charge, 7 Steal Energy, 14 Energy Deflection, 3 Leadership
    THIRD CLICK: 3, *, 15 Agility, 2

    Complete custom dial archive available here.

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